Following our fascination for abandoned rooms we got the opportunity to direct design objects and work with redirected light in a 200 squaremeter appartement. And we love the result.


– Leopoldstraße Innsbuck, 2018



The task was to redesign some of the aging rooms of a small hotel to get it ready for the next generation of guests and owners. We carefully reestablished some of the already forgotten handpainted wooden furniture from the attic into the rooms.
The project is realized in interim seasons and in stages.
Status: stage 2



Hotel in Innsbruck, 2018

in the




Innsbruck, 2018

It all began in the garage where we experimented with objects and light and produced our first series.



Innsbruck, 2018

On the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of Garderobe, a lovely fashion atelier and 2nd hand shop, located in a charming neighborhood in Innsbruck, DEAR UDO created the installation SPAM! OVERDOSE for the shop window.
The collection of Garderobe comprises unique handmade pieces of clothing designed and manufactured in the shop and the attached atelier. A fine choice of vintage pieces complete the exceptional selection for both, men and women.

SPAM! OVERDOSE captures the shops’ concept of anti mass consumption, pro #slowfashion and uniqueness. The installation is made of approximately 400 used cans, pickedgathered of local trash containers and covered with a new look.

Why SPAM! ? DEAR UDO chose the name SPAM! for the project because of the analogy to the American tinned food brand SPAM which sells durable meat in tiny cans and the later attribution of the name to unwanted e-mails.
mass consumption vs. individuality




Innsbruck, 2018

THIS WAY UP is a multifunctional piece of furniture which can be used as storage surface, table, pop up bar, shelf or seating option: in other words it can sit, lie or stand.

This prototype comes with a connector system which allows you to create countless variants and functions – and which presents itself in a new way each time.


The material chosen is honeycomb (20mm). Not only because the board is a light material, which everybody can lift, but also because it is recyclable. Deliberately.
The single segment consists of two different plate sizes that were glued together. The measurements of the poles are 60×40 cm, the spacers 20×40 cm. These measurements resulted from the honeycomb board plate sizes, which were delivered with 1,00×1,20 m.
An essential parameter for the design – set by and for us – was working without cuttings.
The fluorescent Plexiglas plates facilitate putting down glasses, they are provided with a rubber stud on the bottom that prevents any slipping or shifting around when used as a bar, and they are detachable at all times. The prototype was designed to be fabricated by one person only.

THIS WAY UP is a collaboration between
DEAR UDO and Wolfgang Zobl from BZW  for Galerie der Stadt Schwaz.

interior styling
& photography